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Praktijk Noorderlingen
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Opening hours

You can contact the practice by telephone between 8:00 and 17:00 every day. In case of an emergency, you can always reach the assistent by calling our practice (020-6366866) and press 1 for emergencies.

In case of life threatening emergencies always call 112!

In the evening, nights and the weekends you can call the “Huisartsenpost” (emergency centre) on telephone number: 088-0030600.
They can answer your question or give you an appointment with the general practitioner on duty.


You can make an appointment with the doctor every day, except saturday and sunday. In one appointment there is time to discuss one medical problem. If you would like to discuss several problems, please ask the assistant for extra time. You can also make an appointment yourself online. To do so you need to register and log in the “patientenomgeving” (see homepage).

Home visit

In case you need to see a doctor, but you are not able to come to the practice, the doctor can make a home visit. Home visits are only available for people who cannot visit the practice because of medical reasons. If you would like the doctor to make a home visit, please consult the assistant before 10:30 in the morning.

Consultation by telephone

When you would like to discuss a problem with the doctor by telephone (e.g. for lab results), you can let the assistant know. She will put your name down and the doctor will call you back.


If you need a new prescription of drugs, you have used before, you can call the practice ( 020 6366866 ) and press 2 for ordering a prescription. You will get an answering machine, where you can leave your message behind. You can also order an prescription online, but only if it is a prescription you have received before.To order a prescription you need to register and log in the “patientenomgeving” (see homepage).

The assistant

Apart from all the administrative and medical questions, the assistant can do other things for you. She can check your blood pressure, remove stitches, check urine samples for bladder infection, dress a wound, give injections etc. Please call on beforehand to make an appointment with the assistant.

New patients

The practice is open for new patients. Please contact the assistant for information.